2020 will go down in the books as the year of transformation. As a collective, we are all feeling the effects of the major social, political, and cultural shifts that are taking place. On an individual level, each of us are shifting in ways we couldn't possibly have imagined. Whether you're in the trenches of your psyche, untangling a lifetime of illusion, or experiencing the growth that's been been years in the making, starting new ventures or leaving old programs behind, I'd say no two journeys are exactly the same.

Over the last 14 years, our little family has called Los Angeles home. We've grown to love the city that shaped us and all the offerings it's gifted us with over the years. The multitude of experiences we've had and the ever-evolving versions of ourselves we've witnessed through our late teens, 20's and now early 30's is a chapter of our lives we honor and are so thankful for. Now that chapter is coming to a close and our future is being written before our eyes.


I'm not one for getting very personal. My preference is to let the work and life speak for itself- ebbing and flowing this way and that. I bear witness to it all, absorbing the lessons, transmuting them into usable energy that I channel into my work as an artist and as a listener. Yes, I mean listener. So much of what I do requires deep levels of compassion and care. Beyond what I create with metal and stones, my job is to create space. Space that is safe to release pain, guilt, judgement, fear, etc. and call in peace of mind, intuition, interconnection, and personal reverence. Space that is calm enough to truly tune into oneself. Space that acts as a sanctuary of hope and optimism. This is true for every single patron of my work. Whether that's an extravagant customized design or a pair of simply sweet crystal studs. Each and every person who supports me, receives my full love and support right back. The exchange feels equal. Being able to do something I know is making a difference in...

My custom process begins with a conversation. A discussion about what stage you find yourself in, where you're headed, and what energies you desire to carry with you along the way. 

I take note of what comes up during the dialogue and allow the vision to unfold.

 .. while keeping my channel open to continue receiving messages throughout the design process. When the piece is finished, it's activated- as are you.   

I feel most myself when I've taken the time and space to let me mind wander to the furthest corners of the universe. My obsession with spirit as science fuels my creative drive to the point of obsession. Everything around me I see through the lens of observation and meaning. I interpret life through metaphor,  constantly connecting the past present and future (and sideways!) dots. My art is a bridge the links the inner and outer worlds. 

Pendulum practice has become the tool through which I am able listen more closely to myself. To remove b...

A pendulum is any weighted object suspended from the grip of your hand. It could be as simple as a ring tied to the end of a string, or more ornate like the Intuitive Advisors you see here, which are created from fine metals and raw crystals with the intention of boosting your own intuitive abilities by elevating the art of pendulum practice. 

There has been much debate over the science of pendulums, and the exact explanation of how it works is yet to be understood. However, the pendulum essentially acts as a transmitter that can detect the subtle energies the surround all beings, objects, animals, plants, and even minerals. Our bodies sense these energies all the time but our minds can get in the way of actually being in tune with them. That’s where the beauty of using the pendulum comes in. By amplifying these energies, we get a visual representation of them allowing us to better recognize the signals and use them as a guide in everyday life.

In this way, pendulums are a mystical tech...

This piece is for the people pleasers. The ones who put others before themselves always. The beings with the best intentions that understand the concept of self love in theory but have trouble putting it into practice. 

There is a difficult truth that comes with the practice of self-love. To fully give into it and feel the warmth of it's presence. 

In order to truly experience deep self love, one must have the bold courage to uphold healthy boundaries in an honest and direct way, so that you are in fact safe with yourself.

Let's break this down. 

If we look at history, women are the care-givers, the nurturers, the self-sacrificers. Everyone has a feminine side and this message applies to men too. To put others before yourself at the expense of your truth, your happiness, you are teaching yourself that you do not come first, that your happiness isn't as important than the next person. Those that self-sacrifice may be helping in the short term but that care lacks depth and example for o...

True heart healing comes from acceptance at a deep core level. We all have wounds that shape the narrative of our experience, and those stories keep us locked in the cages of our minds. When we honor the space that we are in and trust that it is exactly where we need to be, our inner and outer worlds begin to shift. Compassion fills the space where there was once resistance, and this is where a major transformation occurs. We feel lighter and less attached to the fear of being vulnerable. We embrace the journey because we know that in the end we are taken care of. We are safe. 

Emerald promotes this kind of compassion for oneself and attunes to a frequency of trust. That vibration attracts deep healing and opens the heart. Once that space is free to be exactly as it is, a more positive outcome takes place. Prosperity comes as a result because you've proven your worth to yourself and everyone around you. And they feel it for themselves too! It's a ripple effect that h...

Julia Jones for Flaunt Magazine featuring Courtney Bensik Jewelry. Styled by Sami Martin Sarmiento.Photographed by Ana Eiriksson.

 If an egg breaks from the outside, a life ends. If an egg is broken from the inside, a life begins. All good things come from the inside. 

Custom Opal Egg with gold Porous Earth Setting |  

Like water over a flame, opal helps to bubble emotions up to the surface for careful examination. Once these emotions have been acknowledged and accepted they are released allowing for a more peaceful and joyous feeling to take their place. It's emotional clearing that everyone should master and opal is a powerful aid in soothing the process. Much like a mother standing in the wings supporting you from afar as you face the fear of truly being seen warts and all.  

This collection was birthed during a time where my mind was very cluttered; feeling lost and in need of a mental reboot. I created these shapes by letting go, not thinking, just feeling the clay between my hands; interacting with the elements Earth and water. I made about 100 shapes by the end of it. It was a form of meditation. A release. Soul therapy. The intricacies of these pieces, the cracks and fingerprints that were preserved as the clay dried, the unexpected dips and curves that revealed themselves in the process make this collection so special. They’re something to be examined. In a similar way, we can examine the intricacies of our minds.. the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we experience. Every crack or flaw we find in ourselves, is something to be aware of, acknowledged, and accepted. As Leonard Cohen would say, the cracks are where the light gets in. When we accept imperfections within ourselves, we are more capable of understanding, empathy, and love for everyone around...

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