14k gold Apophyllite, Blue Tourmaline, Spessartine Garnet Porous Earth Necklace

14k gold Apophyllite, Blue Tourmaline, Spessartine Garnet Porous Earth Necklace


This piece was designed for a specific purpose; to align your desires with your highest intentions and to communicate them (to the universe or others) with great ease. 


Communication is the bridge here. If we cannot communicate the root or truth behind our desires, we may see them come in ways that lack direction or sustainbility. The idea here is to be in highest communication with yourself first so that you may see your into reality. 


APOPHYLLITE | This powerfully soothing stone relaxes the aura by creating more flow in one's energy field. Eases a worrying mind and replaces it with deep trust in one's spiritual path. Assists in connecting to higher frequencies and the angelic realm. Ideal for opening up more channels of divine communication. 


BLUE TOURMALINE | Enhances all the clares to see more clearly beyond the veil, connecting with those who have transitioned to the other side. The clarity and peace that comes from wearing blue tourmaline calms the system to see/hear/feel more acutely. 


SPESSARTINE GARNET |  Boosts your charisma so that opportunities and experiences are drawn right to you, spessartine garnet will bring a multitude of possibilities for what you're calling in. Be specific when visualizing and use your discernment as to choose options that are most aligned with your highest path. 

  • Spec

    • Solid 14k gold  
    • 18" rolo chain + logo clasp
    • Raw apophyllite pyramid, blue tourmaline, spessartine garnet
  • Product Care

    Hypo-allergenic and high quality, 14k gold will not tarnish over time. To ensure optimum shine, store in a sealed box or bag when not being worn. Avoid prolonged contact with water (no showering or swimming in this piece.) Enhance the energy of the stone by cleansing with sacred smoke or placing on selenite in between wears. 

  • Estimated Delivery

    Product is available and ready to ship. Orders will ship within 2-3 days after purchase, and shipping is via UPS ground and ships within 3-4 days. International shipping may take up to 2 weeks. 

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