Clear Quartz Cathedral Ring- 14k gold

Clear Quartz Cathedral Ring- 14k gold


This bold statement ring features cathedral setting of cast clear quartz points surrounding a 3 pointed grade A clear quartz cluster. Wear with care as this power-packed piece will amplify your energy x 3! Make sure to keep your thoughts and actions aligned with your highest intentions while wearing this dynamic piece of crystal art. 


CLEAR QUARTZ | A powerful amplifier of energy. Bring about clarity in all areas of your life with the use of clear quartz. Tap into the subtleties of the unconscious mind by clearing the path for deeper understanding.


  • Specs

    - Size 8.25

    - Solid 14k gold (18grams)

    - Grade A Clear Quartz cluster

  • Product Care

    Hypo-allergenic and high quality, 14k gold will not tarnish over time. To ensure optimum shine, store in a sealed box or bag when not being worn. Avoid prolonged contact with water (no showering or swimming in this piece.) Enhance the energy of the stone by cleansing with sage smoke or placing on selenite in between wears. 

  • Estimated Delivery

    Item is available now and ready to ship. Sent via UPS and arrives within 1 week if ordered from the US, or 2-3 weeks if ordered from anywhere else.