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Fractured Earth Ear Cuff

Fractured Earth Ear Cuff


Ear cuff featuring cracks and fractures in solid 14k gold. 

  • Specs

    • 1/4" thickness
    • Can be adjusted once with pliers 
    • Secure by starting from the top of the ear where it folds over to meet your face, then sliding it along the side of your ear until you've reached the desired placement. Secure by wiggling it in place. Do not place around the side of the ear first. Will hold for extended periods of time once secure, but can be easily removed by sliding off the side gently. 
  • Product Care

    This style can be worn in water or at the gym (just be mindful while it's on to not knock it off accidentally). Store in an air-tight sealed box or bag when not being worn. Wipe with a polishing cloth to return to optimal shine.

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