Porous Earth Labradorite Necklace

10k gold Porous Earth setting on a rough Labradorite stone. 


*** Stones will be similar but not exact to the ones shown. I ensure brilliant shape and flash when selecting the rough Labradorite slices. It's very much an intuitive selection that will indeed be exactly what you need.


LABRADORITE | Creates a protective layer around your aura to prevent outside energies from penetrating and draining your energy. Allows one to be in harmony with our inner selves and our higher guides, creating a sense of magic in life. Assists one in tapping into the void where all possibility and knowledge are available. When you release the idea of the 'box' and trust that you are limitless, then all becomes possbile. 

Porous Earth Labradorite Necklace

  • Hypo-allergenic and high quality, 10k gold will not tarnish over time. To ensure optimum shine of the gold fill chain, store in a sealed box or bag when not being worn. Avoid prolonged contact with water, lotion, or oils (no showering or swimming in this piece). Enhance the energy of the stone by cleansing with sage smoke or placing on selenite in between wears. 

  • - 17" gold fill chain on 10k gold setting with 10k logo clasp

    - Labradorite is approx 3.5" long