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Spessartine Garnet On Smoky Quartz Porous Earth Necklace

Spessartine Garnet On Smoky Quartz Porous Earth Necklace


SPESSARTINE GARNET | A stone of pure magnetism. What you desire most is more easily obtained once your inner power is unlocked. Any fear that is holding you back is eliminated and a burst of charismatic radiance takes its place. This energy draws in any opportunities and experiences you've been visualizing and provides the boost of confidence needed to bring them into reality; most often around matters of love and sex, financially prosperity, and career advancement. 


SMOKY QUARTZ | The grounding and clearing nature of smoky quartz is a perfect pairing to the intense energy of the spessartine garnet. Smoky quartz stabalized the earth chakra just below the feet, literally keeping you on solid ground during time of rapid manifestation. Any suppressed or negative energy surrounding you as you move forward on your goals is cleared away like a trail of smoke dissapearing into air. 

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  • Specs

    - Extra long 30" gold fill chain sits just above the sternum 

    - 10k gold setting + logo tag

    - Stone is approx. 1.5" long

  • Product Care

    Hypo-allergenic and high quality 10k gold. To ensure optimum shine, store in a sealed box or bag when not being worn. Avoid prolonged contact with water (no showering or swimming in this piece.)

    The delicate nature of the spessartine garnet growing on the smoky quartz requires a bit of extra care. Avoid dropping or hitting the stone on hard surfaces to keep the spessartine garnets fully in tact. A beautiful practice of awareness and presence while wearing this stunning creation of nature. 

    Enhance the energy of the stone by cleansing with sage smoke or placing on selenite in between wears.

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