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Sterling Silver Spirit Quartz Porous Earth Necklace
  • Sterling Silver Spirit Quartz Porous Earth Necklace

    Spirit Quartz from South Africa set in solid sterling silver Porous Earth float setting.


    Receiving this beauty, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the druzy sparkle that just doesn't quite translate through the screen. 


    SPIRIT QUARTZ | Also known as fairy quartz or cactus quartz. Spirit quartz brings balance to all aspects of the self, harmonizing high frequency energies with the physical body on a cellular level. There is a great sense of oneness that comes from working with spirit quartz. It allows for past healing and future manifestations to become an instant reality in the present moment. Everything exisiting together all at once is a miracle of universal proportions. Accepting that you are an intregal part of that miracle, is made clearer when working with spirit quartz. 


    "I feel the subtle energy all around me. I recognize and embrace my significant role in the collective."


    Energetic properties of silver: 

    Ruled by the moon

    Deeply healing, the reflective quality of silver invites us to look within your own intuition for the answers.  Enhances inherent psychic abilities. A strong maternal energy that soothes the soul and protects our energy system from anything that doesn't serve inside or out. Silver acts as an emotional and spiritual purifier.

    • Specs

      - South African spirit quartz approx 1.5"

      - total pendant length is 2"

      - 20" 1.4mm rolo chain

      - solid sterling silver

    • Product Care

      Store in a sealed box or bag when not being used to avoid oxidation. Silver will naturally oxidize over time when exposed to air for long periods of time. Simply polish with a polishing cloth to return to optimum shine. Avoid contact with water (no showering or swimming in this piece).

    • Estimated Delivery

      Product is available and ready to ship. Orders will ship within 2-3 days after purchase, and shipping is via UPS ground and ships within 2 days. International shipping may take up to 2 weeks. 

      For rush delivery or insurance pricing, please contact us at

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