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Yellow Apatite Threader

Yellow Apatite Threader


Yellow Apatite Threader with 10k gold Porous Earth setting with gold fill chain. Single. 


YELLOW APATITE | Ignites the internal flame that burns so bright people can't help but be drawn to it. This small but mighty fire element stone has the power to enhance natural charisma and boost confidence making goals toward prosperity and success more attainable by overcoming fear and eliminating self-doubt. When you lead with the glow from your solar plexus you become a lighthouse that shines the way for others to follow. Yellow Apatite brings white hot clarity to the path of least resistance to your strongest desires. 

  • Product Care

    Hypo-allergenic and high quality, 10k gold and gold fill will not tarnish over time. To ensure optimum shine, store in a sealed box or bag when not being worn. Avoid prolonged contact with water (no showering or swimming in this piece.) Enhance the energy of the stone by cleansing with sage smoke or placing on selenite in between wears. 

  • Specs

    • Approx. 4" total length
    • Stone is approx. 1/4" 
    • Each stone is unique in size and shape but will always be brilliant in color. See group photo for examples of slight variations. 
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