• Courtney

Studio Portraits | Diana Zalucky

My custom process begins with a conversation. A discussion about what stage you find yourself in, where you're headed, and what energies you desire to carry with you along the way.

I take note of what comes up during the dialogue and allow the vision to unfold.

.. while keeping my channel open to continue receiving messages throughout the design process. When the piece is finished, it's activated- as are you.

I feel most myself when I've taken the time and space to let me mind wander to the furthest corners of the universe. My obsession with spirit as science fuels my creative drive to the point of obsession. Everything around me I see through the lens of observation and meaning. I interpret life through metaphor, constantly connecting the past present and future (and sideways!) dots. My art is a bridge the links the inner and outer worlds.

Pendulum practice has become the tool through which I am able listen more closely to myself. To remove bias. To trust in the process. The Intuitive Advisors are gateways to self.

Photography | Diana Zalucky