• Courtney

In Bloom

My favorite movie growing up was The Secret Garden, directed by Agnieszka Holland in 1993. We rewatched it recently and it dawned on me that much of the way I view the connection between Earth, spirit, and beauty is very much wrapped up in the magic of this stunningly sensitive and ethereal film. Now 6 months into living on this mountain property in TN, secluded, and in-tune with our natural surroundings, I'm appreciating it more and more each day as I see so much of the magic of The Secret Garden in real life here. Our walks along the path look and feel new as the winter rain carves new etchings in the soil. Natures sound track sounds like singing birds and rushing creek water below the dramatic cracks of tall bare tree trunks stretch and sway in the wind. It reminds us that life is in constant cycles and each day (like the phases of the moon) is different and worth staying present to witness. Just like we, ourselves, are different each day and our own natural cycles are just as worthy of paying attention to.

All this, of course, being heightened by the fact that I'm physically in a state of daily growth as my body shifts and stretches for the little being growing inside.

Her arrival will be sometime in May and to prepare, I'll be accepting new custom orders through this weekend only to ensure your own babies will be delivered before ours.

Custom orders that are submitted after March 15th will be put on a waitlist for after our return from another little hibernation while we welcome her into our lives.

The intense amount of creativity pouring out during this time has been illuminating in so many ways. Every piece is being infused with higher levels of creation and transformation. And of what's being birthed on my bench is any indication of the kind of magic we can expect after the birth of our first child, then we are in for one beautiful adventure.

Sending you all big love,

Courtney & Jerad