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The Story Behind Fractured Earth

The very first piece I created using lost wax casting as my medium was the Fractured Earth Ring. I carved this piece from a block of wax in a fever of excitement with very little plan for what the final result would be. My focus was on the thrilling sensation of excavating the vision of this texture that had taken up all the real estate in my mind for years before I found the technique that could conjure it.

This style became the benchmark of all my future pieces. It carries resonance even still. As many of you have expressed feeling connected to the message behind this texture, I wanted to share a bit of back story...

This excerpt is from 2014 when the first iteration of the Fractured Earth Collection came to life:

'Our debut lost wax collection is influenced heavily by the ever-changing landscape of Earth's surface. Specifically the 1000 mile stretch of land along HWY 40 between California and Colorado. It's a trip we've done countless times since moving from Pueblo West, CO to Los Angeles, and every time the views are more astounding than the last. The organic cracks and fractures in Earth's surface tell the history of how that region was shaped. We're fascinated by the force of nature, and the power of it's elements. Every item in the collection features the beauty in the breakdown with cracked and fractured metal, and the scientific wonder that is the universe.'

Back then, we were operating on the name, Androgyny Design and much of the ethos we started out with in 2011 we carry forward with us with a renewed life-force. The message behind our work will forever relate to the wonder of Earth. I will always be drawn to natural textures and obsess over getting them just right. In this way, I honor the innate beauty in the natural world. If you're drawn to what we do, it's because you can see beauty around you as well- no matter what stretch of road you find yourself on.




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