Courtney Bensik aims to ignite the senses and excite the eye with her line of hand crafted, fine jewelry. 


Organic textures that mimic the Earths' surface comprise the collections' signature aesthetic.


Influenced deeply by the understanding we are all of the same matter; the combination of the hand carved texture and carefully selected stones that radiate positive energy are reminders to be aware of the effect we have on ourselves and others in all that we do, express, and possess. 


Using a mix of traditional and non-traditional techniques that are all done in-house in their home studio by Courtney and her husband, Jerad. All materials are sourced with origin and ethics in mind. 


Supporting this small family run business means supporting many other organizations that stand for the rights of all humans and that strive for equity and inclusivity among race, gender, and ability. Monthly donations include but are not limited to the ACLU, We Wield The Hammer, Spirit House Collective, and various Patreon accounts that seek to educate on matters of race inequality in America and beyond. 

Courtney Bensik began her career in trend in 2010 where she honed her creative instincts. During that time she synchronized her inherent drive to create with her eye for design and launched her first jewelry line, Androgyny Design, with husband, Jerad. The materials used in the collection were rough steel nails and ornate raw crystals. Each piece lent itself to the gender blending movement that was influenced heavily by the androgynous style of the 1970's. Since it's initial inception, Androgyny Design grew into a specific vision for her new namesake collection with the overarching message: "We are of the same matter."