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We are of the same matter.

Courtney Bensik aims to ignite the senses and excite the eye with her line of hand crafted, fine jewelry. Designing alongside artist and husband, Jerad Bensik, their two interwoven visions come together to align a childlike whimsy with the wisdom of the higher self.


Organic textures that mimic the Earths' surface comprise Courtney's signature aesthetic, while spirit moves through Jerad freely to unveil energetic imprints of the human experience. 

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We launched our first jewelry collection in 2011.  The materials used in the collection were rough steel nails and ornate raw crystals. Each piece lent itself to the gender-blending movement that was influenced heavily by the androgynous style of the 1970's. It was dubbed Androgyny Design; a blend of both mine and Jerad's sensibilities. Since it's initial inception, Androgyny Design grew into a specific vision for my own namesake collection with the overarching message: "We are of the same matter."  

Now, over a decade later in the post-pandemic world, we are working side by side full-time again to bring all aspects of our business and creative pursuits closer to home. An endeavor that we cherish as we raise our daughter, Theia. Our hope is to instill in her a respect and endearment towards nature, an understanding of our place in it, and a wonderment about what it all means. We believe staying curious and in-touch with your inner-self is the recipe for a great life. 

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We call Appalachia home. A move that was prompted by a desire to live purposefully; out of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and into the wild. 

This major life change has inspired a slower approach to life and business, bridging the two to find our own unique balance. Our daily life consists of foraging wildflowers and mushrooms, enjoying the calm in the many caverns in the area, birdwatching in our lush backyard, exploring the region and it's bountiful offerings, and tapping into the divine wisdom of the surrounding waterways. We find inspiration from it all and a sense of peace we'd been longing so deeply for. 

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