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 Guided by intuition, customized to your energy, intentions, and preferences. 


While each custom project is priced individually according to metal preferences, sizing, and design, this will give you a general idea for what to expect and plan for. Prices may fall above or below this range depending on preferences. 

*Final quote will include a $350 non-refundable custom fee.

10k Gold

*rings only

median price range 


14k Gold

median price range



For the most accurate quote, reach out directly for a custom consultation


In the consultation, we go over the intentions you're currently calling in and what you'd like the piece to represent. If you already have a stone you'd like to work with, that's great! If not, no problem! I have a keen sense of what stones will align best with you and your energy and I love the personalized selection process. I curate a collection of stones available for clients that are energetically potent, top quality, ethically sourced, and work beautifully in the specific style of artistic jewelry I create. 

Once we're set on design and stone, I take a deposit of 50% of final quote up front with the balance due prior to delivery. This will be the start date on your project, with the lead time being 4-6 weeks. In special circumstances projects may take up to 8 weeks. You will be notified should there be a longer delay than normal.


With all projects, I take utmost care and attention to detail and allow for optimal flow of energy. My philosophy encompasses the idea of divine timing, and I try my best to not rush the process. The final product will always be worth the wait! 


Invoices are sent via PayPal and must be paid within 24 hours. Please contact me with any questions regarding payment- I do my best to accommodate your needs.  


While I do not offer returns on custom pieces, I am 100% committed to the longevity of your new treasure. Should anything happen to the stone or you need a resizing, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I offer complimentary resizing and repairs for my clients. I take great pride in my work and will never leave you hanging.


Below are examples I'll reference in the consultation in regards to textures, metal selections, and designs! 




Textures in my designs mimic the Earth's natural landscape. From heavily textured to smooth and bulbous, the energy that goes into the surface of your setting is another facet of embodiment of the intention you're calling in. 


Emotions and energy erupting like lava. Once cooled, the hardened bulbous surface shines and preserves the beauty of the flow.  

Porous Earth

Pores breathe new life, absorbing vital resources and leaving behind marks where the past was released.


Each layer is an era of life. As time moves, the layers amount to totality of being. 


An accumulation of tiny particles of being through various elemental pushes in life. 

Fractured Earth

The cracks are where the light gets in. The beauty in the breakdown. 

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