Clear Quartz Pendulum w/ Gold Fill

When the mind is feeding too much information, clouding your decision making, pendulums offer clear guidance to the answer that is most aligned with your inner compass. Use them to answer questions that are simple to complex. Made from raw crystals and precious metals, these pocket-sized fine pendulums hold the power to heighten your own intuitive abilities. 


Raw clear quartz on 6" gold fill chain with cast bronze Zincite cluster detail. Raw quartz will not be exact to the one pictured. Every stone is hand selected for quality, formation, and intuitively chosen per order. Please contact me via contact page to request photos prior to ordering. I do recommend being open to the intuitive selection process, trusting that you are receiving exactly what you need. It's part of the wonder of working with Intuitive Advisors.


CLEAR QUARTZ | A powerful amplifier of energy. Bring about clarity in all areas of your life with the use of clear quartz. Tap into the subtleties of the unconscious mind by clearing the path for deeper understanding. 


ZINCITE | A potent and powerful stone of manifestation that ignites the fire within. Boosts creative drive by stimulating all chakras, especially lower chakras. Aids one in attaining utmost desires by activating will and determination. Goals are met faster and with more spark.

Clear Quartz Pendulum w/ Gold Fill

  • Store in a sealed box or bag when not being used. Dedicate a special place for your pendulum on an altar space, near your bedside, or in a pouch to carry on you. Polish with a polishing cloth to return to optimum shine. Careful not to tangle your pendulum. 

  • - Bronze Zincite (cast in metal) detail

    - 7.5" gold fill rolo chain

    - Raw clear quartz intuitively chosen just for you