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Clay Earth Collection | Simple, organic shapes created from human hands interacting with water and earth. The practice of balling, rolling, and forming clay calms the mind and relieves tension. During the drying process, air transforms the state of the mixture to a hardened form perfectly preserving the cracks, stretch marks, and fingerprints in each piece. The end result is an expression to be examined. The weight and touch of these pieces makes wearing them theraputic. 


Gold pricing available upon request.

Fibonacci Necklace

    • Solid sterling silver
    • 22" sterling silver snake chain
    • Handmade clasp + engraved logo
    • Alternative chain options available upon request
  • Sterling silver will naturally oxidize over time if it's not properly protected when it's not being worn. Store in an air-tight sealed box or bag. Polish with a polishing cloth to return to optimal shine.