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Suspension Hanging No5

Suspension Hanging No5


Suspended in air. Suspended in time. An adornment for your altar space or any area of the home where you can sit and tune into yourself while meditating or day dreaming. This hanging features hand selected crystals strung together with a gold fill chain. These pieces are prayers for hope and peace during unsettled times. They shoot rainbows if hung near a window when the sun is shining, reminding you of the wonder of light refracting into the dark corners of space and time. 


MOONSTONE (top)| Boost your intuition and connect to the divine feminine with moonstone. A soothing stone that encourages you to tune into yourself deeply and allow a greater knowing to take place. Hidden truths are revealed as the light of consciousness floods in and directs us toward the appropriate action at the current stage of your growth process. 


CHALCEDONY (middle 2) | Awaken your psychic abilities and open up communication with the divine when working with chalcedony. Protection for the waking and dream states and promotes a feeling of safety when working in the psychic realm. An ideal stone for meditation and deep connection with oneself. 


CLEAR QUARTZ (bottom) | A powerful amplifier of energy. Bring about clarity in all areas of your life with the use of clear quartz. Tap into the subtleties of the unconscious mind by clearing the path for deeper understanding. 

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  • Specs

    - Approx. 13" long

    - gold fill chain

    - (4) A+ clear quartz points and clusters

    - includes 1 gold nail to hang from

  • Product Care

    Delicately hang in desired spot and enjoy for a lifetime. Avoid contact with water or hanging near areas where there is moisture in the air. 

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