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Raw zincite point forever preserved by being cast in solid 925 silver. Carved by hand, this chunky cluster makes a bold statement.

ZINCITE | A potent and powerful stone of manifestation that ignites the fire within. Boosts creative drive by stimulating all chakras, especially lower chakras. Aids one in attaining utmost desires by activating will and determination. Goals are met faster and with more spark.

Zincite Cluster Earring

    • Sold as a pair.
    • Available in oxidised 925 silver.
    • .66" in length x .34" wide.
    • Silver post and back.
  • Store in an air-tight sealed box or bag when not being worn. Silver will tarnish if exposed to air for extended periods of time. Lightly wipe with polishing cloth to return edges to their optimal shine. Careful when polishing as not to rub all the oxidation off to keep that dark and edgy look.