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Zincite Point Stud

Zincite Point Stud


Raw zincite point forever preserved by being cast in solid 14k gold. This tiny point has a minimal look. It's smooth, yet distinct point is sleek and edgy and carries with it the power of a zincite crystal.


ZINCITE | A potent and powerful stone of manifestation that ignites the fire within. Boosts creative drive by stimulating all chakras, especially lower chakras. Aids one in attaining utmost desires by activating will and determination. Goals are met faster and with more spark.

  • Specs

    • Sold as a single or pair.
    • .5" in length.
    • 14k gold post and back.
  • Product Care

    This style can be worn in water or at the gym. Store in an air-tight sealed box or bag when not being worn. Wipe with a polishing cloth to return to optimal shine. In addition to the 14k gold backings, this style also includes a more secure rubber backing for alternate wear. 

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