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Before crystals are extracted from the Earth, they spend significant periods of time underground; in hiding; as they form the shapes and structures that dazzle the eye when light finally reaches them. During any time of hibernation, there is greater physical space for the aura to expand, quiet contemplation for new perspectives, and a free flow of energy that allows for the body, mind, and soul to be restored to the optimum state of being. A vital reset. A grand opportunity that rolls in with the change of the season if one can follow the lead of natures' harmonic rhythm.

This time of hibernation we've experienced since relocating to Eastern Tennessee has brought with it a deep sense of possibility. A fresh perspective on the notion of what life can look like. Simplicity. Reverence. Expansion.

Spring is looking ever more exciting as it swiftly approaches. With every stretch of our limbs, we create flow. With every expansive thought, we recalibrate. With every breath of intention, we return to ourselves.


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