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Dear reader,

Dear patron,

Dear flesh,

Dear bones,

Dear soul,

You matter.

We matter.

We are matter.

The same matter.

It's true.

We are made up of the same molecules in varying configurations.

And we experience the joy that is this life through our own unique perspectives. No two sets of eyes will ever see the same things in a lifetime. Every experience shapes who we are, what we like, what we have to say.

My calling as an artist and as a designer is to spark something inside you that moves you to feel something you hadn't felt before, to intrigue you, to affect you in some way. We connect to each other and to the divine through our senses. I want to ignite those senses and, in turn, connect to all of you.

Thank you all for being part of the Androgyny Design community that I built alongside my husband (and my masculine part), Jerad since it's initial creation in 2011. Blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity was a great segue to the bigger message that is now going to be told through a more feminine lens, my lens.

In exploring the idea of Androgyny, I found that in this particular moment in history, where the pendulum has been sitting on the side of masculinity for some time, we need a softer touch, more compassion, and a lot more feeling. That notion was reflecting in my creative direction with smoother lines, delicate styles, and softer messaging. I thought long and hard about what direction to settle on, and nothing seemed to fit better than embracing these clear and direct ideas with the one thing that sets me apart: my perspective; my voice; my name, Courtney Bensik.

I hope you continue joining in on the conversation and engage in this new direction. I'll speak to you through my craft by bringing to life all the new jewelry designs that embody my message, as well as share another aspect of my artistry - writing and photography. I'll be conversing with fellow artists and capturing them in their element through a photo lens to help share my story. So, come back to this space often.

And lastly, enjoy browsing through the new platform to which I will be sharing everything with you.

Till we meet again.


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