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Summertime Reboot

Finding ease in life is about knowing yourself. It's about understanding your internal and external rhythms and harmonizing with them rather than pushing yourself outside the bounds of what feels natural to you.

Identifying these rhythms is your soul work. It requires dedication, stamina, and deep awareness as the seasons and cycles play out. Taking mental/physical notes on what makes you feel alive and what doesn't satisfy your system is the data you collect to process after the present moment becomes the gift of hindsight.

For us, summer is a season of rest, play, and exploration. Our creative process requires seasons like this to connect in to our magic, reset our motivations, and discover new paths forward. Without this period of pleasure and reflection, the cogs get rusty and worn out.

We spent the summer tapping into our joy and experimenting with new techniques and inspirations. This process included getting outside, moving our hands in new ways, looking at life through the eyes of our 1 yr old, and prioritizing our daily routines as we tracked the turning of the season by the different species of flora and fauna that came and went.

We often measure success by how far we move in one direction. I find growth feels more fulfilling when all areas of life get their own necessary time to expand and evolve.

This process is slow. It's quiet. It's everything.




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