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The feeling behind Forces Collection

You know what's on the tip of everyone's tongue. I'll guess that you, along with many others around you, have stood up in a room and defended your POV to the point of exhaustion. It's at this time I encourage you to pause, hold onto your thoughts tightly while you ponder what it is you really want for the future.

So tell me, what is that you want?

It's at this point in consciousness that you can wholeheartedly evaluate the options and challenge whatever isn't sitting just right leaving no stone unturned. We don't always have to be swayed into decisions or ideas just because we can't see the solution clearly or because someone has convinced us of a false truth. We have to look beyond the veil of conformity to see the alternative, and we must have the conviction to stand up for that which we truly want.

Now's the time to tune into yourself; to see the situation as it actually is and act from a place of complete awareness. Make all your choices from this centered place and remember your individuality. When we do this we are actually serving the highest good for everyone.

I chose Zincite as the stone to create the collection, Forces, from as it's a stone that represents pure will, passion, and desire. It provides strength and grounding energies in this time that feels a little out of our control. You have the control. You have the power. These pieces act as a reminder of this and a talisman to carry along your path.

Shop the Forces Collection here.

Be good,


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