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Nuances of Clay Earth Collection

This collection was birthed during a time where my mind was very cluttered; feeling lost and in need of a mental reboot. I created these shapes by letting go, not thinking, just feeling the clay between my hands; interacting with the elements Earth and water. I made about 100 shapes by the end of it. It was a form of meditation. A release. Soul therapy. The intricacies of these pieces, the cracks and fingerprints that were preserved as the clay dried, the unexpected dips and curves that revealed themselves in the process make this collection so special. They’re something to be examined. In a similar way, we can examine the intricacies of our minds.. the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we experience. Every crack or flaw we find in ourselves, is something to be aware of, acknowledged, and accepted. As Leonard Cohen would say, the cracks are where the light gets in. When we accept imperfections within ourselves, we are more capable of understanding, empathy, and love for everyone around us. It’s a ripple effect. One drop of compassion could lead to a wave of positive change. That’s the beauty in the breakdown.

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