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A Quiet Power

True heart healing comes from acceptance at a deep core level. We all have wounds that shape the narrative of our experience, and those stories keep us locked in the cages of our minds. When we honor the space that we are in and trust that it is exactly where we need to be, our inner and outer worlds begin to shift. Compassion fills the space where there was once resistance, and this is where a major transformation occurs. We feel lighter and less attached to the fear of being vulnerable. We embrace the journey because we know that in the end we are taken care of. We are safe.

Emerald promotes this kind of compassion for oneself and attunes to a frequency of trust. That vibration attracts deep healing and opens the heart. Once that space is free to be exactly as it is, a more positive outcome takes place. Prosperity comes as a result because you've proven your worth to yourself and everyone around you. And they feel it for themselves too! It's a ripple effect that has a lasting impact of free flowing love and abundance.

This project was very near and dear to my heart as it came at a time I was experiencing my own personal transformation. I created this serpent ear cuff for El as a talisman of personal power. What I've come to realize in creating this piece (as so many of the projects I work on offer me similar healings), is that power doesn't always mean loud and aggressive. That actually, power is quiet. It's gentle. It's a slow slither of shedding old layers. It's regenerating your self-view to reflect the divine nature of everything.

Here's to accepting. To transformation. To quiet power.

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