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Love Thyself

This piece is for the people pleasers. The ones who put others before themselves always. The beings with the best intentions that understand the concept of self love in theory but have trouble putting it into practice.

There is a difficult truth that comes with the practice of self-love. To fully give into it and feel the warmth of it's presence.

In order to truly experience deep self love, one must have the bold courage to uphold healthy boundaries in an honest and direct way, so that you are in fact safe with yourself.

Let's break this down.

If we look at history, women are the care-givers, the nurturers, the self-sacrificers. Everyone has a feminine side and this message applies to men too. To put others before yourself at the expense of your truth, your happiness, you are teaching yourself that you do not come first, that your happiness isn't as important than the next person. Those that self-sacrifice may be helping in the short term but that care lacks depth and example for others to take care of themselves. It enforces unhealthy behavior.

This piece resonates so deeply with this message.

TOP - Morganite, the stone of divine love and compassion, inspires an awareness that life's suffering and pain serves a higher purpose in our spiritual growth. It teaches compassion and responsibility and can induce loving feelings and thoughts towards yourself and in turn to those around you.

SIDE - Sunstone/Moonstone combination. Sunstone is a stone of personal power and can give you the bold courage to uphold healthy boundaries. The energy of moonstone is that of the divine feminine and can facilitate honest and clear communication for the good of all.

BOTTOM - Aegirine is the ultimate protection stone. When calling in your boundaries, aegirine is the supreme ally warding off anything negative that will not support your highest good.

A mantra for you when loving on yourself (repeating from above):

I experience deep self love by having the bold courage to uphold healthy boundaries in an honest and direct way so that I am, in fact, safe with myself and encourage others to do the same.

Loving on you,


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