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Time Suspended- A note from 2020

I'm not one for getting very personal. My preference is to let the work and life speak for itself- ebbing and flowing this way and that. I bear witness to it all, absorbing the lessons, transmuting them into usable energy that I channel into my work as an artist and as a listener. Yes, I mean listener. So much of what I do requires deep levels of compassion and care. Beyond what I create with metal and stones, my job is to create space. Space that is safe to release pain, guilt, judgement, fear, etc. and call in peace of mind, intuition, interconnection, and personal reverence. Space that is calm enough to truly tune into oneself. Space that acts as a sanctuary of hope and optimism. This is true for every single patron of my work. Whether that's an extravagant customized design or a pair of simply sweet crystal studs. Each and every person who supports me, receives my full love and support right back. The exchange feels equal. Being able to do something I know is making a difference in someones journey fills a massive energy well within myself that I'm able to share with others.

Over the last 3 years I've explored the deep dark recesses of my soul to uncover what it means to inhabit this body and live this life. "What is my purpose?" "What role am I serving?" The answer I keep coming back to is that my purpose is to cultivate beauty. In the obvious way of creating beautiful objects, yes. But also to shift a wayward perspective to that of the beauty lying in and around us. To show individuals how special they are when they can't see it themselves. To help them navigate the maze of their minds and onto the path of clarity. To illuminate the truths that are all around them. And in turn, to help them immortalize these intentions into a totem that can show them the light when the darkness ebbs back in.

In order to do this work to the best of my ability, I tend to be hyper protective of my own personal energy wells that I drawn on for myself. Protection for me looks like setting firm boundaries, filtering through the daily noise, honoring my needs and the needs of those who orbit closest to me, and constantly checking in with where I'm at internally. I do this in a plethora of ways including checking in with my Intuitive Advisor when I'm feeling out of sorts, but the big one for me is limiting my time spent in the digital realm. That is, until this surreal moment in history where it seems life as we know it has been suspended in air.. held up.. with our fate hiding somewhere beyond the fog.. and the only clear message is that we have to stay connected. For me, that means opening up and shifting my boundaries to roam more freely in the digital landscape.

Through the grief and shock, I'm feeling optimistic, counting my blessings, and solidifying my role moving forward: to continue to cultivate beauty and share it with my community. To continue creating and shifting perspectives. And to continue connecting with all of you individually as much as possible.

Here's to a new chapter. A new era. A new domain.

Thanks for meeting me here.



p.s. My newest offering that has been brewing for some time are a series of hangings. Vessels of energy suspended in air. The Suspension Collection, a small series, is available here.

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